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The Morton Arboretum has been abuzz this summer with trolls. “Journey through our far-reaching forest to hunt for six colossal trolls crafted from reclaimed wood by Danish artist Thomas Dambo. Marvel at these 15- to 30-foot-tall (and one 60-foot long) sculptures that have been created to serve as protectors of our environment.”
Morton Arb Troll Hunt link
If you are local, do not miss this. It is fun and fascinating. I was amazed at the detail and craftsmanship of the trolls, from sculpted cheekbones, to armpit hair, to fingernails.

Late morning Saturday and the sky is a bit overcast. I was on a mission to do a better job with some flower photography from a previous trip. Apart from the extensive blooms of sunflowers, is that what they are, the wildflowers are sparse this time of year. On my last trip, I found myself in one of the structured gardens. Even though I come from a family of flower lovers, as they say, I don’t know jack about flowers. They are objects of beauty, but I don’t see a need to know what they are, or do I?

You know how where this is going. Saturdays. Trolls. But I know this garden is off to the side and I will be away from the throngs. I find a good parking spot, by ignoring the parking attendant directions as I spot someone leaving in the front row. I prep the camera, lens, tripod and off I go. I am in the garden for maybe 30 minutes doing my thing in solitude . . .

. . . “See the man over to your left” comes blaring from the megaphone of the tour bus a half block away on a nearby road. “Flower photography is blah blah blah . . . “ So much for a quiet day of photography. But what did I expect. I was just hoping that I was not showing any plumber's butt.

A marginally successful day of images, but a good time nonetheless. Crowds and all.

And also check out a few troll pictures in the Events & Street gallery. Events & Street Link

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